Stop the Fake Monument

Stop the Fake Monument

July 16, 2013

Prime Minister's Office
Hon. Shelly Glover, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages
Hon. Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario
Mr. Tim Hudak MPP, Leader of the official opposition, Ontario
Ms. Andrea Horwath MPP, Leader of the New Democratic Party, Ontario
Mayor of Brantford, Ontario

Following the installation of the misleading Turkish monument in Ottawa last August, the Turkish Embassy of Canada is now planning to erect a monument at the Brantford Mount Hope Veterans' Cemetery (Ontario) in memory of the "Turkish" internees who were sent from Brantford to northern Ontario during WWI.

Although the internees were Alevis and Kurds, and the single Turk buried at the cemetery died two years before the start of the war, the Turkish embassy is willfully manipulating the evidence and is depicting the internees as Turks. According to reports, TVO television network, which is owned by the province of Ontario, is planning a documentary about the "Turkish" internees and the phoney monument at the Brantford cemetery.

The Turkish embassy is deliberately politicizing the internees' incident to force the Canadian government to apologize for interning "Turks". It is also intruding into Canadian domestic affairs by installing an Ankara-envisioned monument in a Canadian cemetery. The underhanded Turkish strategy is to use the hoped-for Canadian apology to neutralize the Canadian government's condemnation of the Genocide of the Armenians by Turkey, especially in light of the upcoming centenary of the Genocide.

We condemn the Turkish ambassador's interference into Canadian domestic affairs, its attempt to blackmail our government, and exploitation of the memory of the non-Turkish internees for Ankara's propaganda purposes. We also call for the CANCELLATION of the fake monument's construction, and censure the Turkish government and its representatives in Canada.

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